Boozhoo (Hello)

Welcome To First Nations Business Solutions

Our agency is American Indian owned and consultative in nature. What is “consultative“?

What that means to us, and our affiliates, is we share information, listen to understand, and build relationships not transactions.

Our efforts derive from decades of experience in conducting business within and outside of Indian Country. We have modeled some of the most powerful and customizable solutions for health services, administrative performance, and community care initiatives.

Our affiliates are top in their industry and our passion is positively impacting our tribal communities and to be diligent in finding better for all, to share knowledge with each other, and to be honest in communications with each other.

Telemedicine - Telebehavioral - Prescription - CMAT Advantage
Revenue Management - ERC - Retention Benefits
Native American shawl dancer

When you work with us, you have access to a national network of resources consisting of CPAs, tax experts, asset experts, health and medical professionals, marketing experts, and business development professionals.

Most importantly, our understanding for patience, time management, and transparency positions us as one of the leading teams to partner with.