Are you using the right Telemedicine program?

Our Telemedicine not only promotes and drives interest and registration, but also the one low cost covers all dependents in the household. We focus on communication before illnesses occur saving critical time when a medical consultation is needed. Ask about our $0 co-pay, 24/7 unlimited medical consultations for the employee which includes dependents.

Telemedicine for Behavioral & Addiction Conditions

Now you can offer your community or enterprise members, and their household, 24/7/365 connection with psychiatrists and licensed behavioral health providers through secure and private online video sessions.

On-site Primary Care Clinics & Mobile Health Services

On-site clinics and mobile health services and our state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluations saves lives through early detection and treatment programs for Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Strokes and Heart Attacks.

Premier Group Purchasing Services

First Nations offers access to one of the largest group purchasing organizations in the nation. No cost to join and no minimum term length for you to benefit from $68 Billion in volume pricing on 2.5 million products and services from office supplies to complete front office services. AND, member employees have first day access to dozens of discounted services and products they and their family can enjoy.

Our Mission:

To positively impact Indian Country by introducing the latest innovations in technology or care that are expense modified to be mostly turnkey and beneficially responsive immediately.

We are an American Indian owned and operated consultative business.

Services for Physicians and Medical Practices …

Cardio-Metabolic Assessment Test

Program Highlight:
The CMAT is an innovative platform that provides you as a physician with valuable information regarding Cardio-Metabolic risk, the autonomic nervous system and the potential degradation of function resultant from a chronic health condition such as Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction, and many other conditions.

Investment backing places a complete CMAT program in your facility at 0.00 cost!!*

Remote Patient Monitoring

Program Highlight:
Due to Medicare Reform mandates Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) have become a necessity for many physician practices. New and expanded CPT codes provide direction for treatments as well as additional revenue streams. Meridian’s turnkey program utilizes a proprietary platform that enables physicians to immediately begin treatments and reimbursements.

Revenue Recovery System (RRS)

Program Highlight:
Are insurance companies paying you correctly? Meridian HSN and RRS can HELP with our proprietary underpayment claims recovery software. RRS is proprietary software enabling facilities to increase underpaid claims recovery while maintaining total control of the process.

Strengthen your organization with …

On-site Primary Care Clinics & Mobile Health Services

Program Highlight:
On-site Primary Care Clinics & Mobile Health Services The rising cost of healthcare is one of the biggest threats to corporate growth in America today. While companies work to control operational costs; healthcare costs are expected to increase in the coming years.

Premier Group Purchasing Services

First Nations Business Solutions offers a wide variety of programs and services to help our clients grow, succeed, and create long-term value in their organizations. This includes our group purchasing services available to our clients.

Program Highlight:
From background checks to moving services to facility management and maintenance, our group purchasing services gives you access to the lowest negotiated pricing from 1,000+ suppliers on 2,500,000 products and over $68 Billion in volume.

Improve employee and tribal nation community healthcare …

Telemedicine Behavioral & Addiction Services

Program Highlight:
Life can be tough. Getting help is easy. Schedule a visit with a counselor or psychiatrist online today and get the help you need 24/7.

Telemedicine Programs

Program Highlight:
Our program supports any size of population, community or business, ranging from small employer challenged in offering benefits to the very largest with full coverage, captive, or self-insured plans.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

Program Highlight:
Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is a personalized biometrics designed to inform and inspire the individual. This comprehensive experience provides patients, medical providers, and employers with powerful information designed to kick-start their mission for better health and work comp costs.

Free Pharmacy Program

Program Highlight:
Get access to over 600 of the most widely prescribed medications, from acute to chronic care, diabetes medications, and up to 90% off of most widely purchased over the counter medications. You will not find a better pharmacy program anywhere in the nation and you may choose to fill at your pharmacy of choice or delivered to your home.

We know Indian Country and we know business.

Our efforts are focused only in bringing high performance solutions to as much of Indian Country we can.

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