Products & Services

First Nations Business Solutions offers a wide variety of customizable programs and services to complement our clients vision for strengthening sovereignty and maximizing funds for enhanced services and programs for their populations or Tribal organizations.

We can help you better understand the current and future challenges and opportunities your operation faces. We help you position yourself to identify areas to enhance cash flow through better revenue management, expense controls, or show areas to mitigate self-insured impact through alignment between economic value, health and wellness and long term sustainable relationships and programs. If you don’t find what you are looking for in our sample services for different operational scenarios, please get in touch! We are happy to discuss your specific needs and goals and to design a customized value proposition for you!

Cardio-Metabolic Assessment Test – CMAT – CLICK HERE

Remote Patient Monitoring – CLICK HERE

Revenue Recovery System (RRS) – CLICK HERE

Health Plan and Benefits Funding Analysis – CLICK HERE

Telemedicine – CLICK HERE

Telemedicine Behavioral & Addiction Services – CLICK HERE

Musculoskeletal Health Management – CLICK HERE

On-site Primary Care Clinics & Mobile Health Services – CLICK HERE

Personal Health Assessment (PHA) – CLICK HERE

Premier Group Purchasing Services – CLICK HERE

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