About Us

Boozhoo (Hello),

Our agency is 100% American Indian owned and consultative in nature. You will find some of the most powerful and customizable solutions for health services, procurement and supply chain, operations enhancement, and community growth initiatives right here in one location.

Our knowledge is Indian Country, and our passion is positively impacting generations by internalizing what it takes to move forward in a good way. Minobimaadiziwan (Good Life) for our tribal communities is to be diligent in finding better for all, to share knowledge with each other, and to be honest in communications with each other.

To positively impact Indian Country by introducing custom and fully vetted solutions to maximize Tribal Nation or Tribal Enterprise monies and community initiatives at the lowest possible costs.

We believe helping to make a positive difference in communities and enterprises in Indian Country go farther than the signature line of any agreement. Our vision of that difference is to re-invest time and monies into our clients’ communities in the form of donated services, scholarships, and volunteer time. Our vision lives through relationship development in business and as individuals.

Where applicable, and when appropriate, The Seven Grandfather Teachings of the Ojibwe shall be our guiding philosophy in all interactions: Truth, Honesty, Respect, Courage, Humility, Peace, and Wisdom.

We Strengthen Sovereignty

Our expertise and resources help you achieve more with less. Our focus on value creation allows us to deliver smarter, more efficient solutions for you. In doing so, we help you maximize impact of critical programming like healthcare and operational funds.

We Strengthen Communities

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration through Value Alignment.  Cultivating the proper environment to assess, identify and breakdown functional pain points across different areas makes room for collaboration and multi-beneficial results.

We Strengthen the Future

We help your teams become more efficient, refine fiscal cause, and effect, and overall make more impactful decisions. And, we also help your community members become healthier, have access to first class health and behavioral care anytime they wish, and even will show you how to financially reward your members for reaching daily wellness initiatives*.

Our unique consultative approach results in heightened operational awareness, longer financial mileage, improved decision-making, and the functional wellness support that will show results long after our initial engagement.

About the Owner of First Nations Business Solutions

Randy Soulier, is an enrolled member of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, lives in Northern Wisconsin.

Owner of First Nations Business Solutions is Randy Soulier. Soulier, with degrees in Integrative Leadership and Marketing, brings nearly 25 years of experience in business, Tribal economic development, and corporate and enterprise leadership. Combined with many years of experience serving on tourism, community, and corporate boards, First Nations Business Solutions, and its powerful services, becomes the conduit Indian Country will greatly benefit from.

Randy’s two-fold originating vision of First Nations Business Solutions stems from his experience of witnessing many failed business relationships, and even professional relationships, because of failed trust. Trust failing through parties being dishonest, not transparent, and a failure to simply follow through on what is agreed on. His vision for creation also stems from observed pain points many Tribal operations have. Whether it is cost and function of procurement, cost of critical support services, comprehensive marketing, community members’ access to timely and quality healthcare, attractive wellness initiatives, or maximized cash flow of health and human services, to compile vetted options, and only team with like-minded strategic partners results in First Nations Business Solutions.

Randy, an enrolled member of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, lives in Northern Wisconsin.


Contact First Nations Business Solutions for more information – 1-800-994-1143

*Fitness Incentive program is of no membership or provider cost. Ask us how.