About Us

Boozhoo (Hello),

Our agency is American Indian owned and consultative in nature. In Indian Country we’re the customer facing service of Meridian Health Services Network, a 22 year old healthcare company that serves providers and municipalities nationwide. The result of that national powerhouse affiliation is some of the most powerful and customizable, yet turnkey, solutions for health services, clinical operations, and community care initiatives right here in one location.

Our knowledge is Indian Country, and our passion is positively impacting generations by internalizing what it takes to move forward in a good way. Minobimaadiziwan (Good Life) for our tribal communities is to be diligent in finding better for all, to share knowledge with each other, and to be honest in communications with each other.

To positively impact Indian Country by introducing the latest innovations in technology or care that are expense modified to be mostly turnkey and beneficially responsive immediately.

Helping to make a positive difference in communities and enterprises in Indian Country go farther than the signature line of any agreement. Our vision of that difference is to develop relationships in our clients’ communities, be forthright and transparent so integrity is honored. 

The Seven Grandfather Teachings of the Ojibwe shall be our guiding philosophy in all interactions: Truth, Honesty, Respect, Courage, Humility, Peace, and Wisdom.

We Strengthen Sovereignty

Our expertise and extensive resources help you achieve more with less. Our focus on value creation allows us to deliver smarter, more efficient solutions for you. In doing so, we help you maximize impact of critical programming like healthcare and operational funds while also ensuring your control of the entire process.

We Strengthen Communities

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration through Value Alignment. Cultivating the proper environment to assess, identify and breakdown functional pain points across different areas makes room for multi-beneficial results.

We Strengthen the Future

By bringing you many options for various services, turnkey or customizable, we team with your vision of health, wellness, and prosperity. Because of sharing that passion, and being fiscal conscious with you, can dramatically impact further generational health,

Our unique consultative approach results in heightened operational awareness, longer financial mileage, improved decision-making, and the functional wellness support that will show results long after our initial engagement.

About the Owner of First Nations Business Solutions

Randy Soulier, an enrolled member of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, lives in Northern Wisconsin.

Owner of First Nations Business Solutions is Randy Soulier. Soulier, with degrees in Integrative Leadership and Marketing, brings nearly 25 years of experience in business, Tribal economic development, and corporate and enterprise leadership. Combined with many years of experience serving on tourism, community, and corporate boards, First Nations Business Solutions, and its partnership with Meridian, becomes the conduit Indian Country will greatly benefit from.